Your kids need to be rooted in the Word, and this series will strengthen another area in their hearts! This is a GREAT place to start!

Prayer like a cell phone! Just like you can be in touch with anyone anytime with a cell phone- with prayer you can be in touch with God all of the time!!!

We take a fun spin on talking to God and make a cell phone series out of it!!! Watch out for LOTS of texting lingo– have your kids read it if you can’t!!! A unique series full of attention grabbing and sustaining information, slides and motions!

By the end the kids recognize that they can talk to God ALL of the time and the different ways to do it!!!

Classes will be held every Monday and Wednesday at 12:00pm Eastern time for Elementary ages and 1pm for preschool kids. Unable to join at that time? No problem! You can pull up the recording of our live, interactive co-op classes anytime on the private Facebook page for this co-op series!

The co-op is designed for 7-12 year olds and is filled with opportunities for kids to learn, interact and complete simple assignments along with other kids all over the world, bringing this life-shaping message into reality on the inside of them and in your homes!



  • MAY 1: What is Prayer?
  • May  6: Never stop Praying?!
  • MAY 8: Prayer Blockers
  • May 13: Rules to Prayer
  • MAY 15, 20: The Kinds of Prayer
  • MAY 22: Praying for others
  • May 29: Praying in Tongues

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We made both an elementary and a preschool class available from our Prayer series - check it out!

Sneak Peek - Preschool

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Get all 8 live and interactive classes, the parent podcasts, access to all the homework, worksheets, and all the other fun for just $20!

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About the teachers: Josh and K8

Josh and Kate have been ministers for over 14 years with a passion to equip families to lead their homes in the POWER of rooting their Families Identity in Christ.

We have been homeschooling for 2 going on 3 years and have discovered what an awesome opportunity we have to make Jesus TRULY the center of our home, our homeschooling and our identities as we grow individually and as a family!

Not everyone feels equipped to make this a REAL possibility in their own homes and that is where ROOT FAMILY BIBLE was developed.

After 14 years of developing curriculum and planting Kids Churches all over the world, we knew the key was to help families right in their homes.

Let us be the "Pastors in your homeschool pocket" to help you bring supernatural truths into your home as Realities to LIVE by!