Who is Root Family Bible?

Everything we do is to help parents create inspiring discipleship moments at home where kids can truly experience an encounter with God, igniting a deep desire to seek a life-altering, eternal relationship with Him.

The Root Family BIble Concept


RootParents - Equipped to spiritually lead their home

Every parent enjoys helping their kids to learn and grow, but when it comes to leading their families spiritually, they often lack the training and tools to feel confident and equipped to do so!

Root Family  parents are equipped to lead their home spiritually each week through a Root Parents Podcast, plus all kinds of new extras each month to reinforce the kids learning. 


RootKids Online Co-op Classes

We know that for your homeschooling kids to really grow spiritually, it takes more than a church service each week. 

Root kids have access each week to a new, exciting online homeschool classes that will inspire, train, and strengthen their spirits to become the powerful kingdom kids that both you and God want them to be! Plus optional worksheets, Bible challenges, table discussions and more.


RootLife - Extras to make it easy to live it each month

The equipping for your family to be a strong rooted family goes so much farther than Facebook Live videos for kids and parent podcasts! 

There are activities and challenges for kids and the whole family, a private kids Facebook page to share their creations, a private parents Facebook page to share ideas and help one another. 

Helping make "concepts" a REAL part of our lives!

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