What is included in each live online co-op?

Each Kid's CO-op Course includes:


Seven live & interactive Facebook classes

These are live and in-person, with lots of interactive learning in a fun and engaging way!

Kids Crafts & worksheet downloads

We give you the things that your kids need to succeed, and really grasp the concepts taught in the live classes!

A kid-friendly interactive Facebook page for RootFamilies

A safe place for the kids to post pictures or videos of the crafts, homework, or just be silly with the others in the co-op course! Returning kids are excited to see their "online friends" who do the courses monthly as well.

1 face-to-face finale class through Zoom

With their parents permission, each kid can have their webcam on, and we will even be able to call on kids to answer questions live! It's a super fun way to end each course!

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Get all the live and interactive classes, the parent podcasts, access to the homework, worksheets, and all the other fun for just $35/month!


Get access to ALL the classes, homework and all the extras 

every month for the rest of the school year  and save big! 


And a Sneak peek of an ENTIRE preschool class!